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FAQ & Videos


Frequently asked Questions

General Questions On Lotteries 

1. How do I play? 

We have created the system to make it as easy as possible for you to play. All you have to do is register to your DaLotto account, select the lottery you want to play from the “Play Lottery” page. Then decided whether you want to chose smart or group play, and you will see a step by step guide on how to fill out the tickets.

2. Can I check the history of lottery draw results from the past? 

In the 'Results' page you will be able to track previous lottery results, all you have to do is select the date you are interested in and the system will automatically show you the draws. 

3. Are there any age restrictions?  

As most official lotteries require players to be at least 18 in order to legally participate in the draws, age restrictions are taken very seriously at DaLotto so please make sure you abide by this. 

4. What is Smart Play? 

Play smart in order to have the opportunity to select 25 numbers instead of 5 in your lottery tickets. 

5. What is Group Play? 

Increase your chances of winning by playing in groups.Purchase 150 tickets or more starting at €7.49 only. 1 in 4 Jackpots are won by group plays.

6. How can I check my winnings?

Our system will automatically email you in the case that you have won, so make sure you enter your contact information correctly. You can also login to your account and head over to “My Transactions” section.

7. What are alternative ways of finding our all about the lottery?

For ease of our players we have dedicated a separate page for each and every type of lottery we have on our website. You can look down the bottom of the landing page for 'Lottery Results' or save this link to your favorites, for example:


Payment & Payout Options 

8. What payment options are available at DaLotto?

We offer Skrill & Neteller the most reliable payment methods in this industry to choose from.

    To pay with a credit card:

Chose the quick checkout option where you can pay with visa and MasterCard without having to open an account in Skrill.

9. Is there a tax on my winnings? Do you withhold?

You will be pleased to know that you do not pay any amount in tax when you claim your winnings from DaLotto. You are solely responsible for paying taxes on the lottery winnings to your government treasury department if such winnings are taxable in your jurisdiction. We do not deduct/withhold any sort of tax from your winnings, however your local bank may withhold taxes from your winnings when you remit them back to your country of origin. This depends on the tax laws in the jurisdiction and in case of any large winnings we would advice our players to get independence financial and tax advice in this regard.

10. Payment I made to DaLotto failed. What do I do?

For those very unfortunate moments when systems fail and your payment doesn’t go through as smoothly as it should, we have compiled below some of the most commonly faced payment processing issues along with their solution.

    "I have clicked on 'Submit' button in the Shopping Cart and the transaction doesn’t get completed instead it keeps on loading"

This is generally because of the connectivity issue or the information you entered couldn’t be correctly transferred to the payment processing channel. Try one of the following to fix this issue.

                                - Logging out of the website and then re-logging in.
                                - Clearing your cache and cookies of your web browser can help the reload of the site run more smoothly.

When you sign back into the account, your bets will still be awaiting you in the Shopping Cart and will not need to be re-created again.  Just click on the Shopping Cart icon to the top right of the home page and you will be back ready to submit the ticket. Every action is saved for later processing.

For further help  either contact your bank to verify your payment details or contact us and we will gladly help you.   

11. What is Dalottos base currency?

Dalottos base currency is Euro, it is the only currency we work with at the moment. The reason why the local currencies were added to the website is to make it more convenient for international clients. 

Player Protection

12. What are the gambling responsibilities on Dalotto website?

Lottery is a great form of entertainment for all as long as it is done responsibly. At DaLotto, we acknowledge that gambling can be a real problem for some and we would like to prevent any severe addiction on this site. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, DaLotto has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for those who have gambling additions and welcomes people who want to use our services to have a clean, honest lottery experience.

Player Protection and Responsibilities

In order to prevent pathological gambling, we use a system that monitors a player’s behavior and tries to recognize the initial signs of a gambling addiction or other similar conditions among our players.

For more information on how to avoid gambling problems and DaLotto’s policies with respect to gambling head over to the player protection section of the website using this link.

13. Is there a way to check out all the financial activity on my DaLotto account?

For security purposes we at Dalotto keep track of every transaction made by our customers in order to avoid any future hassles. You will be able to view all your previously purchased tickets in your personal account. 

RevShare System 

14. What is the RevShare System?

DaLotto has combined a 5 tiers network marketing system with online lottery to make the newest most innovative money making system to have every existed in the gambling industry. Creating a place in which those who like to gamble but hate the risk, and those who hate the gamble but love the money can earn passive income within minutes of registering, for a lifetime. 

15. How does it work?

In order to make money, all you have to do is to share this opportunity with your friends and family, on your favorite social media pages or simply add their email address into our system. This can be done in the ‘Share & Earn’ pop-up found on every page in our website where the messages that will appear are written by our professional marketing team. Once the people you have referred register, they will automatically be placed in your downline and this will happen when people are added to any tier (they will be in a tier under you meaning that you are making money off of them). 

16. What is the 1% handling fee, and what is it used for?

As with every financial institution Dalotto also charges additional financial costs which contrary to other systems, is only deducted once the sum which the customer has generated that specific month EXCEEDS 5000 euros. This means that the system will automatically sum up your earnings  based on your weekly cash flows. If they do not reach 5.000.- Euro, no deduction will be made. In the event that your  your payments, that is, your profit exceeds 5.000.- Euro the handling fee will be charged only for the sum above it. For example you have managed to earn 4500 euros this month, this means that your handling costs will be 0 and therefore no money will be deducted from your account. Now lets suppose you managed to earn 7500 Euro which means that you will be paying 1% off of the 2500 euros therefore you will be charged 25 euros. The system runs on auto pilot so this process will be done automatically. 

17. How is your income calculated?

After building up your network you will receive a percentage of their overall spending. For example you enter the contact details of the 10 people you wish to refer, out of which 5 will register and start participating in the US or European lotteries. These people will also start increasing their downline and therefore expanding your network too until you’re sitting at the top of a large network of people who are all putting money into YOUR pocket!

There are overall 5 tiers, and you will be receiving shares out of the revenue that each tier has generated. The shares are distributed as following:

                1st tier- 10% (This is the people you directly referred)

                2nd tier- 5% (These are the people your family and friends referred and so on)

                3rd tier- 3%

                4th tier- 2%

                5th tier- 1%

In the "Make Money" page you will be able to find a calculator where you can calculate your potential income for yourself. 


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